About Us

welcome to DDFARMA

welcome to DDFARMA

DDFARMA is a dynamic and innovative Italian company operating in the European market.

We have been successfully operated in the pharmaceutical field for more than 30 years; we have developed new products and done research for our clients and partners.

Thanks to our flexibility, quality and capability, DDFARMA is the ideal partner for companies in the following fields: MEDICINE, PHYTOSUPPLEMENTS, FUNCTIONAL DERMOCOSMETICS and MEDICAL DEVICES OTHERAPIC, HEALTH PRODUCTS.


DDFARMA is involved in the research of active principles of natural derivation, elaborated with innovative pharmaceutical technics and the same accuracy reserved to drugs development.

Through its products, The Group offers to both doctor and patient global solutions in the pharmacological, phytotherapic and dermocosmetic fields and addresses the nature of the disease in order to optimize the response to the treatment.

Our goal is to help the medical doctor (MD) to solve patient pathologies with innovative products that have great compliance and tolerability.